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60% of UK Consumers Leaving Themselves Vulnerable to New Year’s Resolution Scams

27% of consumers feel pressure from brands when trying to achieve their New Year’s goals

5 computer security facts that surprise most people

Every company is completely and utterly owned by a nefarious hacker or easily could be.

Why are IBM and Cisco sharing cyber security secrets with Russia?

Western technology companies, including Cisco, IBM and SAP, are acceding to demands by Moscow for access to closely guarded product security secrets, at a time when Russia has been accused of a growing number of cyber attacks on the West, a Reuters investigation has found. Russian authorities are asking Western tech companies to allow them ...

Massive ransomware cyber-attack hits 74 countries

A massive cyber-attack using tools believed to have been developed by the US National Security Agency has struck organisations around the world. Computers in thousands of locations have been locked by a programme that demands $300 (£230) in Bitcoin. In April hackers known as The Shadow Brokers claimed to have stolen the tools and released ...

Top 10 cyber security myths that must be busted!

Cybersecurity was huge in 2016. From ransomware to weaponized Internet of Things (IoT) devices to foreign hacking of elections – last year saw it all.

DoubleAgent attack uses built-in Windows tool to hijack applications

Security researchers from computer and network security outfit Cybellum have revealed a new zero-day code injection and persistence technique that can be used by attackers to take over applications and entire Windows machines. They demonstrated the attack on antivirus solutions, and ultimately dubbed it DoubleAgent, as it turns the antivirus security agent into a malicious ...

Kaspersky Discovers New Malware Designed to Stealthily Steal Data

NEWS ANALYSIS: Kaspersky Lab has discovered a new strain of malware that hides in memory and trusted applications while it stealthily steals sensitive data. A new breed of malware found by Kaspersky Lab may seem like a nightmare for system administrators and IT managers. This is malware that uses legitimate - frequently open-source - software ...