Setting standards for good governance in the latest ISOfocus

Abuse of office for private gains. Trust undermined. Poor governance can have disastrous consequences. It can also threaten market integrity, distort competition and endanger economic development.

How can organizations improve good governance? In its November/December 2017 issue, ISOfocus gives an overview of the most interesting, important and complex changes needed to implement and sustain good governance. It looks at ways to improve business practices and policies and where ISO standards can contribute.

This edition offers coverage of key issues ranging from risk management and business continuity to sustainable procurement. It also provides a complete picture of ISO 37001 on anti-bribery management systems, particularly useful in today’s governance matters.

Updated throughout, this November/December 2017 issue contains testimonials from some of today’s most important companies, highlighting why ISO standards are good for business, what key considerations are needed for implementing them and their role in building a trusted, resilient organization. Along the way, it illuminates many key benefits thus far overlooked.


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