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How to determine the terrorist threat levels

Why terrorism threat levels rise in the days, weeks and months before an attack, not after. The risk level is determined by what we know, not what has just taken place. And what we know is usually determined in large part by intelligence.

Exercise Apple Crumble: The proof is in the pudding

What positives lessons can we learn from the latest Hawaii missile communication disaster? An analysis by Paul Kudray.

New ISO standard on video fire detectors will help save lives

Early detection of fire and smoke are essential to save lives, property and the environment. Modern technology such as video fire detectors, especially in some high-risk places like tunnels, oil and gas environments, public buildings or storage areas, enable a fast response to a potential fire. A new ISO technical specification on video fire detectors ...

Australian government issues Valentine’s Day scam alert

Social media, and particularly Facebook, are very popular with scammers seeking to contact targets. Love may be in the air on February 14 but Saint Valentine's Day is also peak time for scamming lonely hearts for money, an Australian government body warned on Monday. Romance scams cost victims more money than any other form of ...