Don’t let your Supply Chain be like the Death Star

While your supply chain may seem as large and complex as a super weapon the size of a celestial body, you don’t want it brought down by one small oversight.

When the threats get weird, the security solutions get weirder

The world of security is getting super weird. And the solutions may be even weirder than the threats!

Business resilience? Or Business reliance?

You’re on holiday, sat by the pool ‘chilling out’… and all of a sudden you hear it! The oh-so-important person - talking far too loudly - on a business call!

Can regulation influence governance behaviour?

Can robustly equipped regulatory systems influence and nudge companies towards better behaviour?

New edition of ISO/IEC 17025 published

The most popular standard for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories has just been updated!

List of data breaches and cyber attacks in November 2017 – 59 million records leaked

This month’s list is a little thin compared with other months this year. Is that a good sign? Maybe.

Credit rating agency issues warning on climate change to cities

One of the largest credit rating agencies is warning U.S. cities and states to prepare for the effects of climate change or risk being downgraded.

Trending this week – Bitcoin, delivery robots and Blue Screen of Death

Bitcoin, delivery robots and Blue Screen of Death... Watch what you missed this week on The Resilience Post.

5 computer security facts that surprise most people

Every company is completely and utterly owned by a nefarious hacker or easily could be.

San Francisco just put the brakes on delivery robots

Delivery robots in San Francisco will need permits before they can roam city sidewalks under legislation approved by city supervisors.

The ABI’s buildings blueprint: Reducing flood and fire risk

Ten priorities for reducing the risks posed by flooding and fire.

Get your 2018 training at the price of 2017

Register before 15 December to any 2018 training event from our schedule and get the 2017 price!

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