2017 by the numbers

A look back at what 100 Resilient Cities accomplished in cities around the world this year.

Experts rail against internet password ‘organizers’

See why consumers are urged to use online password managers and MFA instead.

How 5 Chief Resilience Officers are preparing for the next 50 years

From Oakland, California, to Semarang, Indonesia, these chief resilience officers are fighting to make their cities stronger—whether through flood planning or cybersecurity.

Update security on devices to beat the Christmas hackers

This Christmas Eve, remember that not only do the best gift-givers think of the batteries, but they also perform the software updates!

Silicon Valley’s Biggest Firms Buck Corporate Governance Trends

Why biggest companies in Silicon Valley are diverging from their peers elsewhere on corporate governance, according to a recent study.

Trending this week – Uber, Fake News and 2018

In this video, you will see a recap of our 5 most popular publications this week.

What makes a food ingredient “natural”?

See how the new ISO 19657 technical specification will help the food and beverage industry players speak the same language!

We asked our contributors what they see for resilience in 2018

Check out a recap of our ''Resilience in 2018'' series! Denis Goulet, Paul Kudray, Phil Gurski, Betty Kildow and Suzana Popovska share their vision for 2018.

Building Resilience at the Metropolitan Scale: Key Insights from the Network

What does Urban Resilience mean at the metropolitan scale? What does Greater Miami and the Beaches share with Santiago de Chile? Watch the video!

BC Management’s 7th Edition Event Impact Management Assessment

Participate in BC Management's 7th Edition Event Impact Management Assessment before 22 January 2018 and receive your complimentary report.

ISO 22301 LI training and certification in Brussels, Belgium on 05-09 February

Become a certified ISO 22301 Lead Implementer. Attend the training and certification event in Brussels with ContinuityLink.

Resilience in 2018 – Suzana Popovska

We asked our contributors what they see for resilience in 2018. See Suzana Popovska's vision!

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