Trending topics this week – Pizza breach, Puerto Rico street music and deradicalization

Pizza breach, Puerto Rico street music and deradicalization... See what you missed this week on The Resilience Post.

Crisis comms lessons learned from Skydive Australia’s fatal accident

Following the tragic death of three skydivers on Mission Beach last Friday, crisis comms expert considers what other brands can learn from the fallout.

Food Safety a concern for Cambodia

Globally, one out of 10 people fall sick every year from eating contaminated food, with the African and Southeast Asian regions having the highest incidence.

Some real questions on ‘deradicalisation’

Does deradicalization actually works? Unfortunately no one really has any idea yet. An interesting opinion piece by Phil Gurski.

Why ICT systems implode

The data culture behind contemporary ICT systems belongs to the Stone Age! A text by Jacek Marczyk.

Pizza Hut serves up a slice of data breach

Pizza Hut has become the latest household name to suffer a payment card breach.

Become a certified ISO 31000 Lead Risk Manager

ISO 31000 Lead Risk Manager training and certification in Brussels, Belgium on 20-24 November. Register today!

‘Don’t be pinned down by negativity’ when building your own resilience

You don't need someone else's permission to be successful and resilient! A text by Paul Kudray

Why CMOs should learn how best to communicate in a crisis

Open data and innovative media platforms present new challenges in crisis management – but also bring new opportunities!

Community resilience story: Puerto Rico’s inspiring musical story!

Puerto Ricans sing about resilience! "Our plena, our song, our music, is stronger - our community is stronger than Maria."

Major environmental disasters: September 2017

September was the most active month ever recorded for tropical cyclones in the Atlantic Ocean. See the list of major environmental disasters in September 2017.

Pyrrolizidine alkaloids in tea, herbal infusions and food supplements

Tea lovers, see why exposure to pyrrolizidine alkaloids for frequent consumers of tea and herbal infusions is a possible long-term concern for human health.

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