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Batman’s secret password revealed

Kickoff Business Continuity Awareness Week 2017 with a smile! A hidden camera caught Batman shouting his secret password.

List of data breaches and cyber attacks in April 2017

With more and more organisations wanting to learn about the EU General Data Protection Regulation, it’s been difficult for me to find the time to keep up to date with the month’s breaches and hacks. When I started compiling April’s list, I hoped that there weren’t many breaches this month, but unfortunately I was wrong. ...

How to be a tech security Jedi: 5 lessons from the original Star Wars movies

Pop-culture can teach us a lot about computer security if we’re willing to dig a bit beneath the surface.

If you have ‘nothing to hide’, here’s where to send your passwords!

If you believe that you have "nothing to hide" from the prying eyes of the NSA, you shouldn't mind letting a stranger rifle through your bank statements, emails, and photos — right? Nearly every week, I hear someone shrug off privacy issues with a claim that they're not worried because they have "nothing to hide" ...

Top 5 misconceptions of IoT network and device security

With an estimated 30 billion connected devices to be deployed across the globe by 2020, the promise of a global Internet of Things is fast approaching, posing a whole new level of threats to connected organizations. Misconception 1: Why would I care about the type of device that connects to the network? Someone has already ...

Top 10 cyber security myths that must be busted!

Cybersecurity was huge in 2016. From ransomware to weaponized Internet of Things (IoT) devices to foreign hacking of elections – last year saw it all.

Google’s new tool will tell you if you are being an online troll

Google's parent company has handed developers an anti-trolling tool. Jigsaw, an incubator and think tank that sits inside Alphabet (Google's umbrella company), has released an API called Perspective, which uses machine learning to measure whether an online comment counts as harassment or abuse, as reported by Wired. It's already being tested by Wikipedia, the Guardian, ...

Edward Snowden on passwords: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Really important advises from Edward Snowden especially in these times of massive cyber attacks.

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