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Five grand ideas that will shape this century – in charts

Asteroid mining, lab-grown meat, and more: these five watershed moments in science and technology will change the world - and some sooner than we may think.

Welcome to E-Estonia, the tiny nation that’s leading Europe in digital innovation

How every country could learn from Estonia's innovative digital governance.

Urban trees: A smart investment in public health

Would you spend $8 per year to see your community reduce rates of obesity, heart disease, and asthma? What if that investment also increased property values?

Building a smart, sustainable and resilient Singapore

This video highlights Singapore's whole-of-government efforts towards achieving a smart, sustainable and resilient Singapore.

City representatives talk resilience | Resilient Cities 2017

City representatives from across the globe share their thoughts on resilience building, its challenges and opportunities.

How United Nations use the Minecraft video game to design public spaces in Egypt

Who said nothing good could come out of video games? See how popular video game Minecraft plays an important role in urban resilience!

UN-Habitat – What is Resilience?

UN-Habitat’s goal is to increase the resilience of cities to the impacts of natural and human-made crises. Find out what is UN-Habitat doing for resilience.

Valuing the Resilience dividend: a new way forward

What can your community gain from adopting resilience approaches?

The inspiring story of a resilient Texas grocery chain running in the chaos of Hurricane Harvey

In Texas, a grocery chain is now inspiring memes. One goes like this: "State and federal resources are struggling to get into impacted areas. H.E.B. — outta the way, we're coming." Another adds: "I’ll see your FEMA and Red Cross and raise you my Texas grocery store chain." The images refer to the largest grocer ...

Mayors on Resilience

Mayors from Cape Town, Santiago de Chile, Rotterdam, Pittsburgh, and Oakland tell us why cities need resilience now more than ever before. Cities in the 100RC network are provided with the resources necessary to develop a roadmap to resilience along four main pathways: Financial and logistical guidance for establishing an innovative new position in city ...

Why 100 Resilient Cities?

The Why, What, and How of 100 Resilient Cities - Pioneered by The Rockefeller Foundation, an innovative project seeking to select and work with 100 member cities in order to help them confront the increasing number of shock and stresses that challenge an ever-more urbanized world.    What is 100 Resilient Cities? 100 Resilient Cities ...

Pipeline payday: how builders win big, whether more gas is needed or not

Close corporate relationships between pipeline builders and gas buyers are allowing companies to reap higher profits while locking in emissions for years to come. The real fight over America's energy future isn't in coal. Rather, dozens of pipeline projects, making up one of the largest expansions of natural gas infrastructure in U.S. history, are where ...