A review of 2018 in 10 resilient posts

What a year it’s been! Natural disasters, political events, the Brexit negotiation, the Facebook breaches… You will find below a list of our 10 most popular publications from our contributors in 2018. Thank you to all our much appreciated contributors for sharing their thoughts and opinion in 2018. And thank you to our readers for making The Resilience Post a success! We hope to see you around in 2019!

Catch up with this year’s 10 most popular publications before the end of the year:

#10 – Top 11 jobs that go into overdrive when a natural disaster strikes

2018-09-14 With Hurricane Florence set to deliver a devastating blow to the Carolinas beginning late Thursday morning through the weekend, residents there are bracing for the worst. Fortunately, there are people ready to spring into action when storm surges, flooding and high winds threaten.


#9 – How to help prepare community events for severe weather

2018-08-22 Fear of storms at a young age is what drew Ron Bianchi to the study of weather. Today, he helps others ease their fears about the threat of severe weather at community events and festivals.

By Simon Doyle | READ MORE >

#8 – Bite size resilience – Fashionable Resilience Advice

2018-09-06 Business Continuity and Crisis Management plans can be confusing on the eye. The only way to test them, is to exercise them.

By Paul Kudray  |  READ MORE >

#7 – A rare look at the terrorist threat to Canada thanks to CSIS

2018-02-21 A fascinating look into the work carried out by CSIS analysts on the very important question of whether it is possible to determine when a person is planning to actually executing a terrorist attack.

By Phil Gurski  |  READ MORE >

#6 – It’s time to fix our broken public warning system

2018-11-20 We have to build an emergency management system that is ready to handle the new situation we are dealing with.” Rob Lewin, Director, Santa Barbara County Office of Emergency Management.

By Kelly McKinney  |  READ MORE >

2019 Training Schedule available now

Stand out with a new certification for the new year! Whether you are looking for training in Business Continuity, Information Security, Supply Chain Management, Risk Management, Data ProtectionQuality ManagementFood Safety, etc, we have the training and certification you need!

By ContinuityLink | Browse through our training schedule >

#5 – Whose watch is it anyway? Consultants and Business Continuity Planning

2018-10-15 How to select and partner with a business continuity consultant to achieve optimum results when developing or enhancing your Business Continuity program.

By Betty A. Kildow  |  READ MORE >

#4 – Working together to improve organisational resilience: Avoiding isolation

2018-05-16 A continuity program that exists in isolation simply can’t be as effective as one that leverages the capabilities of other stakeholders.

By Douglas Grant  |  READ MORE >

#3 – On the extraordinary importance of complexity

2018-11-20 Complexity is not just a measure of how intricate, or sophisticated, something is. Find out more about complexity in this analysis by our contributor Dr. Jacek Marczyk.

By Dr. Jacek Marczyk  |  READ MORE >

#2 – All the catastrophes that the World Economic Forum says we should worry about

2018-01-29 Every year, the World Economic Forum (WEF) asks its community of experts what keeps them up at night. Their answer is a collage of our greatest fears.


#1 – You can hack almost any smart device with a Google search!

2018-03-20 Recent research show how easy it is to extract the default hard-coded passwords of any machine when you have physical access to it.


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