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The Canada-Trinidad terrorism link

An interesting look at the historical link between Canada and Trinidad terrorism. An analysis by Phil Gurski.

Canada joins in the cyberwarfare game

It is not new, or particularly surprising, that the federal government has decided Canada needs to up its capabilities in terms of cybersecurity. Early in 2016 a former CSIS director, Richard Fadden, suggested Canada needs to be able to launch its own cyber attacks as well as maintain cyber defences. And the recently released defence ...

‘Supply Chain Issues’ to blame for cannabis shortage in Canada

One of Canada’s largest licensed cannabis producers says it will not be able to meet the full demand requested by the provinces by tomorrow.

Counter terrorism and the ‘compensation industry’ in Canada

Phil Gurski shares his opinion about the monetary compensation awarded to two Canadian tortured in Syria by the government.

New anti-corruption framework in the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement

The USMCA’s anti-corruption efforts reached between the United States, Canada and Mexico represent a promising path forward to combat corruption both in the public and private sector.

A rare look at the terrorist threat to Canada thanks to CSIS

We recently got a rare peek at what security intelligence services in Canada actually do.

Upcoming training opportunities in Canada with ContinuityLink

Take advantage of our upcoming training and certification opportunities in Canada!

Is NAFTA 2.0 the place for a US-Canada joint food safety agreement?

Some on both sides of the border are trying to seize the renegotiation momentum and inject new thinking and suggestions about these issues into the debate.

Upcoming training opportunities in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean

ISO training and certification opportunities with ContinuityLink in August, September and October.

Business Continuity Management courses in Calgary, AB, Canada on 14-18 January

Can you continue your operations when your key location is unavailable?

Air Canada app data breach involves passport numbers!

Air Canada's app has suffered a data breach resulting in the suspected loss of thousands of its customers' personal details.

Glitches reported as emergency alert testing resumes across Canada

The same problems that affected Ontario on Monday are being seen across the country as tests continue.

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