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Family Disaster Management Drill

In time of crisis, we realize how little we need to survive.

I have a small villa in Greater Noida – not fully furnished but enough and good for a change – just 50 kms from my place in Delhi.

Last Friday-Sunday was planned as an outing for the extended family (families of 4 brothers become 18, but 15 were able to attend) – an attempt this time was to survive on the minimum (as if there had been a disaster and we were caught in a remote place without enough).

1.     Friday evening – simple food served on pattal (traditional green leave plates) consumed sitting on the floor. The water was served from the matka (earthen pitcher), not from the refrigerator. There was an element of education even for the grown-up kids – pattal, matka etc.

2.     Saturday morning – simple breakfast. Lunch again served on pattal.

3.     Saturday evening – while my plan was to not have a planned food and give a kind of shock (I would take over as BC Manager, of course, if required), my brother was not so cruel (like me), so he interrupted and took over, we kept enjoying home cooked simple, healthy, good food.

I would still call it a step towards building a resilient planet – there was no wastage! We did not switch on the air conditioner (it was 40+ degrees outside!), also took care of electricity and water usage. We did mention ‘disaster management drill’ couple of times over the three days.

I will do it differently (means putting them under more pressure) next time, following the PDCA cycle!

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  1. Our next Family Disaster Management Day is already being planned – happy to be a catalyst. In a recent conversation in a BCI setting, almost all of us agreed that our families didnt really understand ‘what we did’. So, its good to talk some of our terms with them.

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