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ISO recently published a new version of ISO/TS 22317 – Guidelines for business impact analysis

The ISO/TS 22317 - "Guidelines for business impact analysis" gives guidelines for an organization to implement and maintain a formal and documented business impact analysis (BIA) process appropriate to its needs.

This second edition cancels and replaces the 2015 edition. The main changes are as follows:

  • the document has been updated to align with ISO 22301:2019;
  • the document structure has been updated to improve the description of the business impact analysis (BIA) process;
  • more focus has been placed on the BIA process and less on the business continuity programme;
  • BIA and the BIA process have been clearly differentiated;
  • BIA process roles have been consolidated to BIA leader and activity owners;
  • the section “Initial BIA considerations” has been removed and the guidance redistributed;
  • the section “Strategy selection” has been removed as it is part of ISO/TS 22331;
  • the annex on terminology has been removed;
  • the annex on BIA information collection methods has been enhanced;
  • a new annex with examples for performing a BIA has been included.

You can get the new ISO/TS 22317 at

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