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Episode 13 – Jewish Extremism

In our continuing series on religious terrorism, it is time to look at Jewish extremist violence.

While we normally see Jews as victims of terrorism, it is nevertheless true that they are also perpetrators. This podcast will look at the phenomenon of Jewish terrorism.

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  1. Hi Phil, my question to you is: why do we feel the need to categorize terrorists by race, religion, etc… Why don’t we deal with these people the same way we deal with other criminals? Name them, shame them, charge them, etc… The categorization aspect seems highly politicized.

    1. Hi! Please note that I noted your question and it will be sent to Phil to be adressed in the August podcast. Thank you for your participation! 🙂

    2. Good question. I think categorisation helps us if it points out significant differences which allows us to identify and prevent terrorism. I also think we do charge them when we can although in some cases we run up against intelligence vs. evidence. I agree that much of everything surrounding terrorism is politicised and that is a problem. Given that terrorism is politically- or ideologically-motivated serious violence we should not be surprised by that however. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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