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Calgary forges ahead with ‘resilience’ plan despite folding of 100 Resilient Cities program

With the city poised to announce a new strategy aimed at shielding Calgary against future economic and environmental shocks, the international organization dedicated to funding such efforts in municipalities across the world is being collapsed.

City staff say they will forge ahead with plans to implement a “resilience strategy” this spring despite the news earlier this month that the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities program will end funding and wrap up operations by this summer.

“(Despite) the announcement from 100RC, we continue with the development of our strategy. We’re just kind of ready to cross the finish line here,” deputy city manager Brad Stevens said following the announcement from the Rockefeller Foundation. “We’ll be releasing our strategy in the next couple of months.”

Calgary was first selected in 2016 to join the network of global cities — including New York, Toronto and Mexico City — to tackle problems facing urban centres, including high unemployment, economic diversification and extreme weather events.

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