The ISO International Standard that keeps us all up to date

Today’s sophisticated and ever-changing technologies have made the world smaller and opened up new ways of communicating.

The publication of a revised International Standard ensures that we are all “talking” the same language when it comes to date and time.

ISO 8601:2019, Date and time – Representations for information interchange, is a two-part standard supported by all modern programming languages.

We don’t take kindly to our sleep being disrupted in the wee hours by a selfie from friends sharing their latest updates from their holiday on a far-flung beach resort. But when it comes to doing business in today’s hyperconnected world, late-night grumpiness can leave you with serious egg on your face.

From making sure your online calendar is in sync for virtual meetings with colleagues in other time zones, to scheduling video conference calls, not to mention turning up for face-to-face meetings on the right day after a long-haul flight, if you want to be taken seriously in a highly competitive world, it is not acceptable to get the date and the time wrong.

Luckily, there is an International Standard to ensure this doesn’t happen.

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