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Sustainable tourism: a new International Standard for accommodation providers

New international guidance for accommodation facilities to help them improve their impact has just been published.
Tourism is one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing economic sectors, with billions of people travelling each year – and numbers are expected to grow by 3.3 % annually until 2030. Tourist accommodation is one of the biggest players, meaning its potential impact on sustainable development is huge.

Not only is tourism growing by the day, it is an industry that promotes understanding and peace between countries and cultures, provides millions of jobs and is ideally placed to contribute directly to many of the United Nations’ 17 sustainability goals.

ISO 21401 Tourism and related services – Sustainability management system for accommodation establishmentsAccommodation facilities are central to any tourism activity and therefore hold immense potential for improving their impact on the environment, promoting social exchange and contributing to local economies in a positive way.

But despite the many sustainable tourism programmes in existence worldwide, put forth by travel operators or other organizations with commercial interests, there has never been a truly impartial International Standard dedicated to accommodation. Until now.

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