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Our work in 2018 – 100 Resilient Cities

The urban resilience movement is growing and gaining steam in cities around the world.

As we take the time to reflect on our work in 2018, what’s most striking about the impact 100 Resilient Cities is the leap from planning to implementation we’re seeing in cities around the world. Nearly half of all member cities have released visionary and actionable Resilience Strategies, a major milestone for the network.

The process of developing each Strategy is a groundbreaking effort for cities and we are continually impressed by how these roadmaps to resilience have the power to cross traditional silos in municipal government, uniting people, projects, and priorities. Even more exciting is that cities are putting their strategies in action and real impact can be seen on the ground.

This past year alone we’ve seen the impact of urban resilience gaining steam – changing institutions and planning processes around the world. We’re proud to be a part of a global movement. 

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