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A Supply Chain Christmas Wishlist for 2018

"I wish we had more recognized supply chain thought leaders"
From Amazon not taking over the world to more practical supply chain research by academics, Dan Gilmore offers Santa his list.

For the past many years, for my last First Thoughts column of the year I have generally been oscillating between my versions of “A Supply Chain Christmas Carol” and “Twas the Night Before a Supply Chain Christmas,” updated as appropriate from year to year.

Occasionally I also throw in a supply chain Christmas list that I hope Santa might deliver in the coming year. So I decided to offer that list again here in 2018, with a couple of holdovers from the 2016 list, because frankly Santa still hasn’t come through (maybe I am on the naughty list?). It is a short list, but think would have a major impact if Santa could somehow fill up my supply chain stocking.

Would love to hear an item or two on your Supply Chain wish list as well. So here we go.

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