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Calgary, Alberta unveils 4 new smart city initiatives

The City of Calgary unveiled four new smart city initiatives designed to improve air quality, disabled services, climate and speed of play on its golf courses.
Calgary’s investment in these smart city initiatives is in keeping with similar work across Canada in cities and towns of varying sizes. These investments run the gamut from high-profile efforts like that of Google-backed Sidewalk Labs in Toronto to the likes of Kingston, Ontario, which partnered with communications company Bell on energy management, installing kiosks, charging stations and other initiatives.

The Canadian government has looked to encourage jurisdictions of all sizes to innovate with its Smart Cities Challenge, with former Minister of Infrastructure and Communities Amarjeet Sohi saying earlier this year that diversity is its greatest strength.

The city will use sensors to expand its noise pollution monitoring to keep track of gun noiseXie said with 32 business units in city government, these initial pilot projects will be a good way to help explore how IoT solutions can apply elsewhere. He said it will be a “mutual learning process” for those business units and the city’s information technology (IT) department, which initially had a knowledge gap when it came to deploying and maintaining sensors, but has learned a lot about how the technology works. “That’s our plan: Apply these technologies to the use case and try to bring our IoT into a sustainable model that we can live with and have for the next few years,” Xie said.

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