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Bethesda accidentally leaked personal data of ‘Fallout 76’ customers looking for help

The game publisher accidentally sent support ticket information to customers using its help desk.
It’s not a good time for Bethesda. The launch of Fallout 76 has been messy, with complaints ranging from the game’s stability and balance to the items included with the game’s collectors edition.

The game’s “Power Armor” edition came with a functional Brotherhood of Steel helmet and a canvas bag that later turned out to be a nylon replacement. Bethesda originally offered customers a small amount of in-game currency, and later announced plans to replace the nylon bags with canvas upgrades.

That should be a happy end to the story, but the tale of woe continues as customers are reporting that they were able to access other customers’ personal data when submitting support tickets through Bethesda’s online help system.

On Monday, Bethesda instructed customers to visit its support site to file a claim if they’d purchased the Power Armor edition of Fallout 76.

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