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Equitable and Resilient Cities: Inside the Network Exchange

100 Resilient Cities joins the City of Boston to focus on the critical intersection of racial equity and urban resilience.

In cities around the world, racial inequity leads to significant disparities in economic, social, and environmental outcomes, as well as disproportionate impacts on communities after disasters. To build resilience, to improve quality of life for residents in both good times and bad, cities must confront racial divisions, institutional bias, and other issues that lead to inequitable outcomes for communities.

In November 2018, 100 Resilient Cities and the City of Boston launched a three-day Network Exchange on Equitable and Resilient Cities, bringing together urban leaders, partners, and experts around the critical intersection of racial inequity and urban resilience.

From panels discussing equity in planning to ensuring equitable outcomes from economic development to a visit to a state-of-the-art school and an incubator for social enterprise and local entrepreneur in Boston’s most diverse neighborhoods, here’s a look inside the Network Exchange.

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