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Bangkok CyberTech District heralded as ”game-changer”

Neighbourhood is set to provide a comprehensive ecosystem for both domestic and international start-ups
Thailand’s National Innovation Agency (NIA) in collaboration with True Digital Park have announced the creation of an innovation district based in the Punnawithi area of the capital city, Bangkok.

“Bangkok CyberTech District will bring together capital, knowledge and talents to help businesses thrive and be able to compete globally”The Bangkok CyberTech District aims to provide a comprehensive start-up ecosystem for both domestic and international startups while proactively positioning Thailand as a global hub for digital innovation.

“As the pace of technology accelerates and global start-up rates are surging, the National Innovation Agency under Ministry of Science and Technology of Thailand has been establishing pilot innovation districts in Bangkok and other provinces across the country,” said Dr Suvit Maesincee, Thailand’s minister of science and technology.

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