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10 cities around the world destroyed and rebuilt

The First World War cut a swath of destruction across Europe, leaving centuries-old towns and hallowed buildings in ruins. Rebuilding took generations.
We can safely say that the rise and fall of cities has been a constant in history. Thankfully, not all these stories were made to be discouraging: Gathered here for you are 10 cities once destroyed by the hand of man or natural disaster, which now stand rebuilt.


The Blitz began on September 7, 1940. The bombing of London lasted for 37 weeks, with 57 nights of consecutive bombing. In all the Luftwaffe dropped 20,000 bombs on London in 71 missions. They destroyed over a million homes and buildings. You can explore the exact location of many of the bombs here on the interactive map of the website Bomb Sight, the result of a National Archives research project.

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