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Reference framework for the Internet of Things

How ISO 30141 will help ensure Internet of Things systems are seamless, safer and far more resilient.
The number of connected devices worldwide is growing exponentially and this ‘Internet of Things’ affects every area of our lives from electricity to agriculture. A recently published International Standard will help ensure these systems are seamless, safer and far more resilient.

From autonomous vehicles to precision agriculture, smart manufacturing, e-health and smart cities, the Internet of Things (IoT) is already everywhere – and growing. It involves integrating “things” within IT systems, thus enabling electronic devices to interact with the physical world.

See also The Internet Of Things is becoming the Internet Of ThreatsThe applications are endless, but as the phenomenon explodes, so too does the need for trust, security and a base from which the technology can be developed further, with robust measures and systems in place.

ISO/IEC 30141, Internet of Things (IoT) – Reference architecture, provides an internationally standardized IoT Reference Architecture using a common vocabulary, reusable designs and industry best practice.

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