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6 cyber security scary stories for Halloween

We live in a scary world of cybercrime. In celebration of Cyber Security Awareness Month and Halloween (of course), we are sharing tales of security gone wrong.

The breach that affected nearly half the US

The Equifax breach in 2017 affected 147.9 million users, compromising personal information like social security numbers, personal dispute data, and credit card numbers.

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Millions of US voter records for sale

An estimated 35 million voter records from 19 states are up for sale on a dark web forum, in what may be an inside job ahead of the mid-terms.

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Fitness apps came under fire for leaks

Hackers breached Under Armour’s MyFitnessPal app in late February, compromising usernames, email addresses, and the passwords of roughly 150 million users. Even though the passwords were hashed, Under Armour admitted that only a portion of them were hashed using the robust function called Bcrypt. Everything else was protected with a weaker hashing scheme SHA-1.

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Ransomware casts anchor at the Port of San Diego

A cybersecurity incident at the Port of San Diego was first announced on Tuesday, September 25, 2018, but CEO Randa Coniglio announced on September 27, 2018, that the event was actually a ransomware attack on the port, which oversees more than 34 miles of coastline along San Diego Bay.

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Social media breaches that resulted in a breach of trust

2018 has been a rocky year for Facebook and Google+. Just as Facebook was scrambling to build trust following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, its reputation took another blow. In September, Facebook announced that hackers were able to use login codes to access the information of 50 million users, including Mark Zuckerberg’s account.

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List of data breaches and cyber attacks in September 2018 – 925,633,824 records leaked

Almost 1 billion records were leaked this month – 925,633,824 to be exact. There were also a few more reported ransomware incidents than normal, some of which saw the victims paying the fine – something most security professionals advise against.

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