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New standard in the cookstoves series just published

Polluting stoves and open fires kill millions every year. A new standard dedicated to clean and safe cookstoves has just been published, providing a valuable platform for the industry to grow.
Some four million people die prematurely each year thanks to polluting stoves using kerosene or solid fuels such as coal. Respiratory diseases, heart disease and stroke are just some of the killers that result, not to mention the danger to women and children in less secure environments while gathering fuel.

To try and combat this, the United Nations Foundation launched the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, with whom ISO has been collaborating to develop standards that will help drive the market for safe and efficient cooking solutions.

The result, so far, is three documents dedicated to testing protocols and laboratory measurement procedures to assess the performance of cookstoves under controlled laboratory conditions, with others in development.

Technical report ISO/TR 19867-3, Clean cookstoves and clean cooking solutions – Harmonized laboratory test protocols – Part 3: Voluntary performance targets for cookstoves based on laboratory testing, provides voluntary performance targets for cookstoves used for small-scale household applications.

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