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Greater Manchester’s journey from Emergency Preparedness to Resilience

The efforts to foster resilience in Greater Manchester build on many years of work to address ongoing challenges faced by the area.
Building city resilience is about a journey and not a fixed destination. As one step along our path, the Greater Manchester Combined Authority has partnered with 100 Resilient Cities and together we have completed an assessment of the present state of resilience in the city-region.

This has offered an opportunity to reflect on the route towards resilience that we’ve taken so far.

Greater Manchester, a metropolitan area that’s home to nearly three million people, was defined by its industrial base for two centuries, enabling us to be seen as a global symbol of industrialisation and progress. This base collapsed in the 1980s and 1990s but today we are the UK’s second city.

We have a reputation for being a city that never stands still and this is true in the journey we have taken over the last ten years in preparing for a future of known and unknown challenges.

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