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Whose watch is it anyway?… Consultants and Business Continuity Planning

How to select and partner with a business continuity consultant to achieve optimum results when developing or enhancing your Business Continuity program.
My dictionary defines “consultant” as: 1. a person who consults with another or others; 2. an expert who is called on for professional or technical advice or opinions. The Thesaurus lists: Advisor, expert, guide, mentor, counselor.

There are also multitudes of less formal (and less complimentary) definitions; among them, “A consultant is a person who borrows your watch to tell you the time. And then sends you a bill!

For full transparency, I have been a Business Continuity Management consultant for more than twenty years. From that perspective I offer this article as food for thought for those deciding whether to seek a consultant’s assistance with a Business Continuity project. For those who determine that working with a consultant is the best approach for their organization, it provides some suggestions to make the experience a more beneficial and positive one for all concerned.

> Read entire article Whose watch is it anyway?… Consultants and Business Continuity Planning | Betty A. Kildow | The Resilience Post

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