Most countries ignore Anti-Foreign Bribery laws

The report, by the Berlin-based, anti-corruption watchdog, says little has changed in recent years in the way governments enforce their anti-bribery laws. Today, only seven major exporting countries actively crack down on companies that offer bribes to foreign officials in exchange for favorable business deals.

The United States is one of the seven countries, which together account for 27 percent of world exports, Transparency International said. The others are Germany, Israel, Italy, Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Of the 44 countries examined by Transparency International, four — Australia, Brazil, Portugal and Sweden had “moderate” anti-foreign bribery law enforcement; 11 had “limited” enforcement, while 22, including Russia and China, had “little to no” enforcement. Argentina, Brazil and Chile were among countries that improved their enforcement.

> See the Transparency International Report
> Read entire article Anti-Corruption Watchdog: Most Countries Ignore Anti-Foreign Bribery Laws | Masood Farivar | VOANews
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