Why do businesses and society need smart cities? To survive…

As part of Information Age's Smart City Month, we look at why businesses and society need smart cities. It's about transformation and sustainability.
The notion of smart cities is often perceived in popular culture as what the future will look like. Unrecognizable cities where buildings reach high into the clouds, and flying cars navigate almost virtual motorways.

With this also comes the often-portrayed widening of social classes and inequality; the elite residing at the very top, and the rest left on the ground – in the past. In reality, a smart city is one that uses technologies to improve and transform the lives of its citizens and the environment, while closing the digital divide and allowing businesses to thrive and innovate.

It’s an idea of inclusion rather than division, a collaboration between citizens, and the public and private sectors for sustainable transformation and growth.

Smart cities will have a transformative effect on every aspect of our daily lives, such as better healthcare and the effective provision of public services,” said Sean Collins, regional director for UKI and Benelux, Extreme Networks.

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