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Yes, Antarctica has a fire department

Fire prevention in one of the coldest places on Earth might not sound like the most likely job, but every year the US Antarctic Program recruits a team of fire-fighters to head poleward.
“‘Are there fires in Antarctica?’ That’s always the question I get,” says Megan Branson, who spent over 24 months “on the ice” as a fire-fighter and paramedic between 2007 and 2010.

And the answer? Yes. Though rarely, if the the Antarctic Fire Department can help it. In the busy summer season of October – March, there are over 1,000 residents at the US Antarctic Program’s McMurdo Station, making it the largest settlement in the region.

Flights landing at the base must, by law, have a fire crew on hand, but McMurdo is also a fully functioning town. As for any town, building fire safety is important. Even more so when outdoor temperatures only inch above freezing at the height of summer.

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