India: Welcome changes to Anti-Corruption law

Criminalising bribe-giving and time-bound trial are among measures introduced in the amended law.
In a country like India where corruption is rampant, the efforts of the government to amend the anti-corruption legislative framework through amendments to the Prevention of Corruption Act 1988, passed in July this year, are welcome.

Under the legislative framework of the Prevention of Corruption Act, there was no provision to criminalise directly the supply side of corruption, or the offering of bribe for getting an undue advantage. Under the new dispensation, this is criminalised. The demand side of corruption, which is the solicitation and acceptance of a bribe, is also criminalised, as in the earlier Act.

Thus, by criminalising both sides of corruption, the cycle is now complete, as the supply and demand sides of corruption are two sides of the same coin, with corrupt acts occurring due to collusion between the two, the suppliers and the demandes. Introduction of this provision is in fulfilment of India’s commitment under the UN Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) ratified by us in 2011.

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