This week – Fortnite, Corruption and Spies

What is trending this week in the world of resilience?

This week, our contributor Worth MacMurray analyses the differences between FCPA and ISO 37001, Phil Gurski asks if we are ok with the use of devious tactics to deal with devious actors and a look at the popular video game Fortnite fake links found on Youtube.

Check out below our 5 most popular publications this week.

Score one for the good guysScore one for the good guys!

As a society we have to decide what powers and what tools to give our protectors. Are we ok with the use of devious tactics to deal with devious actors?

Fake Fortnite for Android links found on YouTubeFake Fortnite for Android links found on YouTube
The extremely popular video game Fortnite is coming to Android sometime this summer, and the fanbase is going wild. Not surprisingly, mobile malware developers are taking advantage.

How corrupt is your countryHow corrupt (or not) is your country?
A look into Transparency International’s latest report on corruption around the world.

How to know if your program is ISO 37001 certifiableForeign Corrupt Practices Act ≠ ISO 37001. Here’s why!
Why ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management System certifications are about to become more commonplace in the US.

Why is Anti-Bribery Management System important for youWhy Anti-Bribery Management System is important for you
Discover what ISO 37001 can do for you and your organisation.

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