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Cultivating growth in Nigeria

Agricultural products are the base of the Nigerian economy, supplying food for the Nigerian people as well as valuable cash crops for export to other countries.
These days, the agricultural sector is developing fast, and standards are being used to unleash the potential of the agri-food industry.

The global food security challenge is straightforward: by 2050, the world must feed 9.7 billion people. That means the demand for food will be 60 % greater than it is today. The United Nations has set ending hunger, achieving food security and promoting sustainable agriculture as the second of its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the year 2030.

Nigeria has been an avid proponent and early adopter of the SDGs, which were approved by the United Nations in September 2015, and plans and policies are now underway to achieve these goals. Despite a strong reliance on farming and agriculture, linked to 70 % of Nigeria’s employment, malnutrition is prevalent in many regions, according to the Sustainable Development Goals Fund (SDGF), a United Nations mechanism providing financial support for sustainability initiatives. Today, Nigeria is placing renewed focus on its agriculture as it seeks to address chronic food insecurity in parts of the country.

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