Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery as a service

When moving to cloud-based services, businesses must take a considered approach and ensure they do not compromise on their disaster recovery solutions.
Spurred by business needs – to protect, prevent, be resilient, agile and survive – Business Continuity capabilities allow the mission critical functions of the business to continue operating during and after a disruptive event.

Today’s integrated digital networked economy – and as business operations increasingly depend heavily on IT and digital infrastructure – even a few hours of service disruption can have a devastating impact for most businesses.

Business Continuity planning and Disaster Recovery capabilities are therefore more relevant now than ever before, as businesses contend to become more resilient and agile in an increasingly uncertain world. In fact, governance and regulatory requirements, compliance against global best practice standards, supply chain concerns and the potential impact on revenue, brand and reputation, have all helped move business continuity higher on the boardroom agenda.

However, businesses are also beginning to realize that their existing plans and procedures may no longer be adequate in light of these new threats.

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