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Risk managers recognizing the importance of crisis communications

Historically, organisations facing crises have defaulted towards a ‘say nothing, do nothing, admit nothing’ approach out of fear that doing so would be construed as some form of admission of liability.
Crisis communications, reputation and brand value retention are increasingly recognised by risk managers, lawyers and insurers as crucial to an airline, airport, hotel or other travel and tourism organisation’s recovery and ability to continue doing business during and after a crisis event.

In a discussion I led on behalf of IATA at its recent annual Risk and Insurance Managers Forum in London, we compared the relevance and efficacy of the old versus new approaches and philosophies underpinning crisis communications and how good crisis communications preparedness forms an integral part of risk management.

The two-day event was attended by numerous airlines, hotel industry bodies, law firms, brokers, insurers, underwriters, loss adjusters and disaster response organisations. At face value, one might think it is an unusual audience as crisis communication is often confined within the realms of corporate communicators.

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