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A note from our Data Protection Officer

How to become a Certified Data Protection Officer and ensure compliance with the latest privacy requirements.
Keep calm and don’t panic, GDPR becomes law in 3 days.

In recent days, I have heard various comments that include ”This is like Y2K and it is yet another opportunity for consultants to make money”. To counter this argument, GDPR will go on beyond May 25th and will live on until the next revision. Whilst some will make money or not, this misses the point.

Remember, even if you do not work in Europe, when you manage the personal data of European ‘data subjects’, you have to play by the rules too.We take the protection of your data very seriously at ContinuityLink and as the Data Protection Officer, I share my knowledge with our team and ask for their views. This ensures that everyone can claim ownership for ‘our’ policies and plans.

We would like to help you comply with the GDPR legislation. Whilst Data Protection has been around for many years, one of the important improvement of this EU’s legislation is to have a common set of rules across its 28 members.

Why not enroll in a CDPO course to learn what it is all about, how to implement the procedures and protect your customers’ data?

Ian Francis
Data Protection Officer

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