Working together to improve organisational resilience: Avoiding isolation

One of the themes that I’ve stressed throughout my career is how critical it is for practitioners to create continuity programs that incorporate all aspects of an organization.

A continuity program that exists in isolation simply can’t be as effective as one that leverages the capabilities of other stakeholders.

Continuity programs are most successful when they educate and empower a large cross-section of the organization to work from a common understanding, rather than compartmentalizing BCM knowledge and capabilities within a small group.

When individuals at all levels take ownership of continuity programs they’re more likely to understand how they can contribute to the success of these programs, ultimately making an organization more resilient.


Published by

Douglas Grant

Douglas Grant is a disaster management professional with nearly a decade of experience developing resilience programs for government, private industry, and critical infrastructure. He is a graduate of Royal Roads University's Master of Arts in Disaster and Emergency Management program, as well as a Certified Emergency Manager.

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