How Business Continuity goes to the movies

Vendors like to go to the movies, meaning they like to see their products and logos in Hollywood productions, and are usually prepared to pay for the privilege.
Cars, computers, canned beverages, you can surely think of examples you’ve seen, as heroes, heroines, and villains chase each other on highways, crack codes, and generally show how cool they are.

By comparison, business continuity per se doesn’t feature much, or even at all. The simple reason is that good business continuity is more about avoiding drama and nail-biting tension than fostering it, which is no recipe for box-office revenues.

On the other hand, business continuity plays a major part in getting films made and distributed in the first place.

With even “small” film budgets easily in the millions of dollars, it’s clear that making a film must be a well-oiled, continuous process, with no unplanned interruptions.

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