Internet privacy notices filling up your inbox? Here’s why

Almost everybody who uses an online service or app that handles their data has been getting a flood of emails advising of privacy-policy changes.
And it’s not the U.S. behind the tech industry’s recent flurry of updates. Instead, the European Union has been driving these changes with a sweeping set of privacy rules that will go into effect May 25 — and which are also yielding benefits on this side of the Atlantic.

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation will require companies that handle the data of EU residents to provide them with far more control over that data.

The GDPR says nothing about how companies treat customers in other countries. But many U.S. firms that have had to rewrite privacy policies for Europe to avoid fines that could cost them billions of dollars are carrying over these changes to the States for the sake of simplicity.

That has American privacy advocates pleasantly surprised!

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