Facebook Users Undeterred by Privacy Scandal

A recent online poll shows that Facebook scandal had little impact on the frequency with which users visit the social media site.
In the aftermath of the Facebook scandal, there have been some cries of outrage, with several users claiming that they will be deleting their accounts. Reuters recently polled users to see just how much impact the scandal has had on the social media giant.

The results show that Facebook has suffered little consequence. The Cambridge Analytica privacy scandal erupted on 16 March, prompting the hashtag #deletefacebook. Yet the number of monthly users continued to grow as the first quarter came to a close, with a recorded 241 million users in the United States and Canada as of 31 March.

Reuters found that 22% of the users polled confessed that they use Facebook more. Only 16% reported that they use the site less, while 43% said that they have not changed their frequency of use. That begs the question: how frequently are users accessing the Facebook site?

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