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Playing safe with kids’ toys

ISO 8124 already plays an important role in influencing the requirements for toy safety in many countries.
Keeping kids free from harm is the effect of ISO’s widely used International Standard for toy safety. And it has just been updated to ensure it covers all bases.

Published on | By Clare Naden

Made for play, children’s toys are rife with potential hidden hazards ranging from sharp edges to cords or small parts, to name a few. The humble plaything can cause great harm if not designed and manufactured correctly.

A new version of ISO’s most well-known toy safety standard has just been published to ensure it keeps safety up to scratch in our ever-changing world.

ISO 8124-1Safety of toys – Part 1: Safety aspects related to mechanical and physical properties, defines requirements and test methods for toys intended for use by children under 14 years of age, and covers a reasonable lifespan of the toy. It specifies acceptable criteria for structural characteristics of toys, such as shape, size and contour, as well as aspects particular to certain toys such as tip angles for ride-on toys. It also includes appropriate warnings and instructions for use.

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