Skill shortages and security risks pose real threats to shipping organisations everywhere. Donald Anderson at Dynama says it’s time to take control with a fresh two-step approach to workforce planning and technology.

Posted on ShipInsight | By Sarah Carter

The shipping industry has dealt with its fair share of challenges throughout the years. Most recently, the sector was alarmed by the surprise collapse of shipping giant Hanjin along with continued pressure caused by widespread consolidation and merger activity and pricing challenges.

Also, there are constant concerns about skill shortages and security risks with incidences of piracy and cyber attacks regularly appearing in the news. What is meant by skill shortages? The latest five-year BIMCO/ICS Manpower Report forecasts a serious shortage in the supply of seafarers.

This sentiment seems to back up what many in the shipping industry have known for a long time: expert and specialist skills are often in high demand but in short supply, a situation worsened by the demographics of an ageing marine workforce.

All in all, the drive to do more with less, stay safe and profitable is today more intense than ever before.

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