As we consider the federal government's latest budget, we need to pay attention to the investments we are making to build a strong and resilient economic foundation; they are more important than ever.

Posted on The Globe and Mail  |  By Charles Brindamour

Finance Minister Bill Morneau delivering the federal budget in the House of Commons in Ottawa on Feb.27, 2018

Every goal we have as Canadians depends on the careful stewardship of the land we share. Climate change is dramatically changing the equation. To protect our shared goals and dreams, we need to plan for resiliency now in the face of an increase in extreme weather events.

Canadians have first-hand experience with the ravages of a changing environment. Floods, fires and other climate-related disasters disrupt families and lives. They also endanger the growth and vitality of local economies. As Canada's largest property and casualty insurer, we have dealt with the challenge of climate change for some time. In recent years, the majority of home insurance claims we have resolved with Canadians have been related to severe or extreme weather.

This year's federal budget is another step forward in ensuring we are prepared to manage the risks that lie ahead.

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