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Resilient Animals – Top 10 most resilient species

See a list of what is to be considered the 10 most resilient species of animals!

With the earth being over 7 billion years old, it’s no surprise that it has been through its fair share of changes.

Much of survival is resilience or ability to adapt to changing conditions. Animals have been around even longer than humans, and, although there are some species that are more resilient than others, some can be used as good examples for how resilience is the key to longevity.

There are impressive animals living in the world around us. Every species is unique and each has their own set of adaptations to survive. From microscopic animals that can live in space, to camels living in the desert, there is one thing that we all have in common: our world is constantly changing and only the fittest will survive. In order to live for another million years, we all have to continue to adapt and be as resilient as the animals on this list have been.

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