The Home Office claims that the tool can detect 94% of terrorist propaganda during the upload process.

Posted on The Verge | By James Vincent

Iraqi forces pose for a photo in Hawija in October 2017 after retaking the city from ISIS.

The UK government has funded the creation of a machine learning algorithm that can be used to detect ISIS propaganda videos online.

It’s the latest move by the government to combat the distribution of extremist material on the internet. The tool was created by London-based startup ASI Data Science and cost £600,000 ($830,000) to develop. It will be offered to smaller video platforms and cloud storage sites like Vimeo and pCloud in order to vet their content. It won’t, however, be used by the biggest tech companies, including YouTube and Facebook, which are developing their own algorithms to detect extremist content.

According ASI, the algorithm can detect 94% of ISIS propaganda with 99.99% accuracy. It incorrectly identifies around 0.005% of videos it scans. This means, on a site with 5 million videos uploaded each day, it would incorrectly flag 250 for review by human moderators.

The software will be offered to web platforms that can’t afford to develop their own tools.

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