Working from Home: Business Matters

How many big business decisions, are made, wearing slippers (or not)? Working from home is a positive capability in more ways than one! A text by Paul Kudray.

How many big business decisions, are made, wearing slippers (or not)?

I recently watched the Churchill movie, The Darkest Hour and noticed that they portrayed the man himself ‘working from home’ in his pj’s, on the bed drinking champagne etc. It is nothing new.

Working from home is a norm today. It will have it’s knockers and naysayers for sure. The myths and disbelievers. But working from home is a positive capability in more ways than one.

Not only is it very much ultra convenient, or even the only way for some, it is also a resilient solution in certain challenges.

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Business Matters

With many new office designs having less parking spaces than the occupancy permits, home working is actively encouraged to promote a good work-life balance, in addition to ensuring the environment has a break every now and then.

Are you sitting comfortably?….then we’ll begin

Just how many big business decisions, risks and innovation, have been made over the years from the ‘sanctuary’ of home? The home office space or even sat at the dinning room table?

Hassle free working?

Working from home provides people with a bit of ‘extra’ breathing space from being ‘hassled’ at the normal work place.

Less interruptions (or so we hope) and time to concentrate on the big projects. The business case… not the muffins.

Life in the fast lane

For some, working from home is not a viable option and I suspect, some are very happy it is not an option full stop. But in today’s ‘flexible’ and ‘mobile’ world, in which buisness demands are fast and furious, Business Continuity Management (BCM) plans and arrangements, will always have the ‘work from home’capability as one of it’s essential weapons of defence. Technology has enabled progress which enables a hopefully, seemless continuity (on the surface at least).

Decision making

Okay, so we will be a little more relaxed in our own homes. Decision fatigue becomes less relevant when we negate the challenges of what to wear for work today. Some will dress accordingly because it feels more motivational and ‘feels like work’, however others may prefer the comfy options.

Who cares really as long as it works for them and the decisions and output they have to make.Tough decisions like ‘shall I put a wash on’ may always be a ‘home challenge’ but in the main, working from home, if it is an option and a workable solution for BCM purposes, is undoubtedley a vangaurd of today’s economy.

Swings and waterslides

There will be arguements perhaps, over this and that (utility bills, internet access etc etc) but the benefits to both sides are far more positive than negative. We need resilient arrangements; fallback solutions and flexibility.

In difficult times, we may need the person in the slippers to stand tall and show how amazing they can be, with or without the suit and shoes. #resilientslippers

Paul Kudray

A truly down to earth, grounded individual who is a resilience professional. Helping people and organizations to build and maintain their capabilities to respond to and recover from, crisis, emergencies or disasters. Paul is the ‘resilience maverick’ because he is not like the average resilience professional. Paul wants to help everyone be a bit more resilient because they can!

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