As drought-hit Cape Town faces the prospect of its taps running dry as soon as April, it is joining a project to work out how cities can better prepare for water shocks and stresses in the future.

Posted on 100 Resilient Cities | By Megan Rowling

People collect water from a communal tap at an informal settlement near Cape Town, South Africa.

Engineering firm Arup will collaborate with five cities this year to develop a set of practical tools that will help urban areas deal with too little or too much water.

The four others are Amman, Mexico City, Greater Miami and Hull in England. The aim is to produce a guide for cities of all sizes to understand and measure the resilience of their water systems.

A changing climate coupled with rapid urbanisation is increasing the frequency of water-related crises facing cities,” Mark Fletcher, leader of Arup’s global water business, said in a statement.

Increasingly, unpredictable rainfall, flooding and droughts are impacting cities across their water cycle.

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