Not everything can go in the dishwasher

Whatever difficult decision challenges we face today, we can be overburdened as they stack up like the dirty dishes! A text by Paul Kudray.
Busy lives mean endless choices and the subsequent working out, in which order to tackle them? To do lists, should do lists, must do lists; whatever you decide, somethings will naturally be at the top of the pile by default. And other issues will linger and cause prolonged consideration and even angst.

Paul suggests listening to this song to accompany reading this post!

Whatever difficult decision challenges we face today, such as family, health, finances, business, career, we can be overburdened as they stack up like the dirty dishes. Not everything can go in the dishwasher, out of sight, out of mind (for the time being at least).

Decisions are no different; we can delay them, put them off until the morning so to speak and before we know it, there they are!

I wish I’d done them last night!

Evolve rather than revolve

It is easy today to follow our pattern and routine. We feel comfortable at that speed. In control.When we are pushed ‘out of the comfort zone’ or hassled for a decision, it feels a bit pressured and we lose the time we really wanted to go through the options at our own pace. We start with a holding line, usually starting with ‘erm…….‘ as we play for a few more magical seconds to make the call.

It could even by such a challenging
choice of tea or coffee?

Everyday we take on more experience and knowledge and we evolve rather than just revolving around the same old doors of life. We push the boundaries and take some risks. We feel more empowered for a few moments.

That’s good. Positivity helps. A step in the right direction.

I’ll wash, you dry

Not everyone has a dishwasher at their disposal. Some ‘dishwashers’ have human names, because, they are humans, sharing the domestic or work responsibilities. And yes of course, not all items are dishwasher safe so they have to be hand washed even if you have the machine available. Bugger! Who bought this?

Lets not forget also, that some dishes come out of the machine with a stubborn stain that needs a bit more attention. Decisions we thought we made are also like that sometimes. They come back for more!

Resilient priorities

When we have tough decisions to make, in limited time, we need and seek as much information and inteligence available to us at the time. We want to make the right choice and in the right order. We weigh up the options and we use a number of factors to ‘prioritize’ and we go for it.

We can review the actions as we go along and we can evaluate to see if it is effective or not. We do this in everyday life and it is something that the emergency services, incident commanders and multi-agency teams have got far better at working together with. Joint decisions in a good cause. But it is something we do independently or at ‘team home’. We are resilient.

Hands that do dishes…..

A famous TV commercial for a certain brand of washing up liquid, used a catchphrase to ‘sell’ the qualities of their product. It made the public feel that tackling such a domestic chore could still have benefits to the softness of your hands.

Decisions, challenges, tasks, options, dilemma’s, whatever issues you have stacked up right in front of you now, can be tackled efficiently. Either working with others or by yourself if you have to.

We find a way of getting through the list of things to do and our ‘hands’ become softer, or at least a bit smoother once more.

The trouble is, those decision dishes of life will be back again before you know it. But you can face them again, when you’re ready!

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