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Coca-Cola announces plan to recycle bottles, Greenpeace criticizes

Environmental group says still too many single-use bottles, while Coke CEO disagrees.

Long the target environmentalists for the waste its products create, Coca-Cola announced last week a plan to recycle as many beverage containers as it produces by 2030 – but not necessarily all of its own cans and bottles.

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The goal is what the company calls the centerpiece an overall sustainability initiative titled “World Without Waste” that was announced by Coca-Cola last week.

The other primary thrust of the program besides the recycling goals is what it calls “investments in packaging.” Under that element of the initiative, Coke says it will continuing to work toward making all of its packaging 100% recyclable globally, and building better bottles, whether through more recycled content, developing plant-based resins, or reducing the amount of plastic in each container.

By 2030, the Coca-Cola system also aims to make bottles with an average of 50% recycled content. It did not provide the current level of recycled content in its packaging.

Environmental group Greenpeace, however, was not impressed with the news.

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